Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Butterfly scarf no.1

This project started with an invitation from my friend, Khun PoP. He asked me to join a next trip on 13-15 January 2012 ^_^ I haven't give him an answer yet because it's next year !!! but honestly I wanna go :D The destination of this trip, Doi Mon Jong, is AWESOME !!! ^^ The weather would be cold that time so I should prepare from now on hahahaha

I looked for a scarf - easy to do but unique one :D Finally I found this one it's simple but pretty. The yarn is called Butterfly color, it is net yarn and use knitting frames called 'Eazy Knitting'. Yep, it's easy but loop slip out from frames easily, a bit annoying -*-. It's OK, just patient, more patient :D 

Finally I can do it :) The butterfly scarf :) but as the topic it's only no. 1 so it means no.2 will be coming soon :D hopefully hahahahahaha 

Thank you Khun PoP for invitation :) and thank you Pinkie for being a sexy model :D