Saturday, October 29, 2011

Butterfly scarf no.2

From Butterfly scarf no.1 :) This post still talk about butterfly yarn but I do it as shawl. It would be very easy for who like crochet but not for me :( First cut the yarn into pieces, 2 meter each for 8 pieces then just crochet every pieces together and finally make ornamental fringe by crocheting another ball of yarn :)

Hope everyone will like this one ^_^ 
Thank you Nui for being my model :) 

ps Stay tuned for more butterfly !!!  

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Krabi in my heart

Krabi, for me, is not only a town on the west coast of southern Thailand, or just a tourist attraction. Krabi is the first place on Thailand's Andaman seaboard I have been to in my life and there are some reasons that make it so special for me  ^_____^ 

My first trip to Krabi was on 23rd October, 2010. We departed from BKK on 22nd night by bus; it took around 12 hrs to Krabi, such a long journey !!!  We arrived at the Krabi bus station in the morning and went straight to the resort. The area we stayed is called Ao NangAfter checking in, my friend who lives in Krabi picked us up and showed us around Ao Nang.  We decided to rent a motorcycle; actually it was a scooter :). It was so much fun :D Never knew that it was so nice to sit behind the motorcycle rider ^_^ especially without a helmet (LOL I know it's not safe but it was so nice to feel free)

On the first day we rode around there, we went to Fossil Shell beach (Susaan Hoi, literally Seashell Graveyard) but unfortunately the tide was high so we couldn't see it. We rode back to Noppharat Thara beach for the first meal in Krabi. In the evening we went to walking street in the town and went back to Ao Nang for a nice dinner ^_^  

Scenery viewed from the small park at Fossil Shell beach
On the second day we went island hopping trip on a long-tail boat, starting at Phra Nang beach, then Railay beachKoh Poda (Poda island), Koh Kai where we snorkeled :) before finishing at Thale Waek (Separated Sea). After a long sunny day on those beaches, we were so tired and my back was burnt :( so we went to the street on Ao Nang beach front, looking for a massage shop. It made me feel better but the sunburn lines on my back from the swimming suite remains until TODAY !!! :( :( :( 

Scenery taken from Phra Nang beach
The last day, we had to go back to BKK in the afternoon, so we had only a half day trip in the morning. The activity we chose was kayaking at Ao Thalane :) It was another new thing that I did first time here. We got a 2-seat kayak and of course I was not steersman. I was so lucky that Thor was my steersman. Thank you very much Thor :D We went through a few lagoons and mangrove forest, saw canyons and monkeys. I enjoyed this trip very much and felt so lucky that Thor was with me :D After kayaking we checked out of the hotel and return to the real world :(

The latest trip was last month, 8-11 September, 2011. This time we traveled by plane :) from  Suvarnabhumi international airport to Krabi international airport took only an hour approximately. We rented a car at the airport :) yessssss it was a car, not only just a scooter like the first time :D

We began this trip with kayaking at the same place but not the same time. We did it in the afternoon and this time I didn't have Thor but I had my lovely friend, Mod as my steersman :) The tide was low so we couldn't go in the lagoon :( but we saw mud-keepers and crabs. Even though it was such a hard work for 2 little girls but we did it and she didn't complain :) Lucky me !!! After kayaking we went to Tapom Klong Song Nam, I love this place ... can feel fresh air, very clear water, nice weather and green everywhere. Must go !!! 

Mod and me on kayak 
After dinner I felt so painful and traumatic all over my body, especially both of my arms :( I couldn't move them, even just for using, the TV remote control to change channel :D I couldn't stand it so had to take medicine and also sprayed some lotion. I think I understand now how paralyzed patient feels :( but after a long sleep I felt better in the morning :) and ready for a new day :)

I enjoyed myself at Railey beach 
The second day was island hopping trip, a bit different from last time. One more new destination and we started with this, Koh Hong, then Koh Poda, Koh Kai, Thale Waek, Phra Nang beach and ended up at Railey beach. It was a very nice one :) This time I could snorkel and swim better, felt more comfortable in the water than the last time :) and I saw NEMOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!! :D :D :D After the trip and took swimming class and have inspiration from ... I decide to take a scuba diving class soon :) :) :) but need to collect money first :D 

The next day we had really big breakfast, Dim sum. In southern Thailand, locals usually have dim sum as breakfast but not only dim sum are available at restaurant, they also have breakfast like Indian style, roti telur (roti with egg) served with curry because there are a lot of muslim in this part of Thailand. I tried both of breakfast styles, soooooo full tank :D :D :D We had a road trip to Phuket but the weather was not on our side :( It was raining all the way. The journey took longer than usual, we reached there around noon so we went straight ahead to the meeting point, a restaurant :D, to see my respectable uncle and his wife. Sometimes I call them dad and mom. We had a big lunch again and chit-chat time :) after that we separated, they went back to Phatthalung and we continued our road trip around the island. We dropped by at Laem Phromthep for sunset-watching but again the weather didn't allow us :( We had to run away from the storm. It was totally dark even it was just 6 o'clock and there was heavy rain all the way back :( Thank you Non for driving us home safely :)

On the last day we didn't do anything much, just enjoying ourselves in the pool and relaxing before we had to go back to the metropolis.

Well for anyone who are looking for a place for vacation :) KRABI is recommended :) and if you are looking for a company too :) you know who will be the best ;)