Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mix Color Scarf

Materials : 4 skeins of Bella Bee Jolie (blue, white, green, pink), a pair of 6.0 mm straight needles, a darning yarn, a scissor

Cast on 36 stitches

Then work according to this pattern
Row 1-6 Work Garter stitch
Row 7 k6 p24 k6
Row 8 knit all the row
Row 9-262 For odd row, work as 7th row. For even row, work as 8th row
Alternate the color as follows
1. Blue 14 rows
2. White 6 rows
3. Green 14 rows
4. White 6 rows
5. Pink 14 rows
6. White 6 rows
continue order of color as above until the end
and row 263-269 Work Gather stitch
Bind off ... and be chic !!!

This post I dedicate to my sis, Chin who is the owner of this lovely scarf, esp today is her BD
Happy Birthday my lovely sis ^_^

PS This is the best photo of the scarf I have :( Sorry that is not focus on the scarf

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